Frequently Asked Questions


You will need to ask your Club Secretary to send you a new logon email. They can do that once they have logged in from the "Website Users" tab of the club details, When you receive that email, click the link in it and you can then reset your password.

If you are the Club Secretary and have forgotten your password, and if no-one else at your club can access the relevant function on the "Website Users" tab, then you will need to ask the League Secretary to send you that email.

Logins for club personnel are handled via your Club Secretary. Note that at present, only Club Secretaries and Fixture Secretaries should have accounts on this website.

If you are a Club Secretary and do not have an account, please contact the League Secretary.

Various guides are available as downloads from the website. Click on the "Help" menu option and select "Website Guides". Note that many guides are only available once you have logged on.

Additional guides will be made available over time so keep checking back!

For any technical problems please contact the League Website Officer by email; contact details are available from the "Contact" page.