Frequently Asked Questions


Registrations can be made from August 1st.

Teams are required by rule to have the following number of players registered by 1st September

5v5                         5

7v7                         7

9v9                         9

11v11                    11  

5v5 maximum 10

7v7 maximum 14

9v9 maximum 16

11v11    u13’s – u16’s maximum 18

                U17’s – u21’s maximum 24

You may use last season’s player registration card or a copy of valid passport or birth certificate.

There is a five day rule, which means that any players registrations should be received by the relevant age group Registration Administrator by the end of day on the Tuesday before the Sunday that you wish them to play.

The last day for player registration and player transfer is the last day of February.

Registration cards are available from either of the Registration Secretaries ( they are not available form the Registration Administrators).  You can arrange to collect at a convenient time or they can post them out to you on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope.  They are also available at every monthly league meeting

You must download the SD1 Player Deregistration from the Selkent Website.  Once completed, you need to send the form with the players card to the Transfer Admin Officer.  On receipt, she will notify the RA that the player is deregistered.

5v5         maximum is 10

7v7         maximum is 14

9v9         maximum is 14

11v11    maximum is 16

5v5         maximum 5 substitutes roll on, roll off

7v7         maximum 7 substitutes roll on, roll off

9v9         maximum 5 substitutes roll on, roll off

11v11    maximum 5 substitutes roll on, roll off

You should send your match card to the relevant Registration Administrator for the age group.  Details can be found on page 5 of the handbook and on this website.

No, there is no need  to complete match cards for friendlies.

Yes they do but they are permitted to sign their first name only.

Yes, match card procedure must be completed in full at every league cast match, unless the match is marked clearly as a friendly, then there is no need to complete match card procedure.