Please see March courses listed below.

    We have received so many applications that we have four courses in March to meet the need.
    We have received a lot of  feedback from the Managers who have attended the course most good (I mean that)
    We have read and taken on board both good and bad and used this feedback to improve the course by adding some of the suggestions. 

    We are delighted that our Managers have now got a course that includes their own suggestions in what makes a Managers Role a positive and enjoyable experience, not only for them but for their players and parents. 

    We would like to thank all the Mangers that have attended as your input has been invaluable..


    1. Tuesday 7th March & Wednesday 8th March Yes/No

    2. Monday 13th March & Tuesday 14th March Yes/No

    3. Wednesday 22nd March & Thursday March 23rd Yes/No

    4. Monday 27th March & Tuesday 28th March Yes/No

    TIME: 1900-2200 hours
    VENUE: London Marathon Playing Fields,
            304 Shooters Hill Road, 
            London, SE18 4LT

  • Mini-Soccer Referee & Lines person Workshop Details

    We have listed the dates for the Mini-Soccer Referee Workshop & Linesperson Workshop. We would like to suggest that these courses are attended by a Team Volunteer rather than a Team Manager.  

    Our reason for suggesting this is to highlight that the Team Manager has their own course where they are prepared to give two night of their own time to make the experience of Youth Football a positive and enjoyable experience.

    On attending the Managers Course they are advised that whenever possible they need to make managing their main role. This will allow them to put into practice what they have learnt from the course and each other. We are sure is a manager follows the course guide lines poor practice will disappear from our game to be replaced by a positive enjoyable atmosphere that will benefit the Player, Parent and Team Manager.

    For this to happen we need the manager to be the manager if they have to run a line or referee a mini-soccer game they cannot put into practice what it means to be a good Team Manager.  

    This is where we need your help, by putting your name forward to attend the relevant course you will be allowing us to progress in promoting good practice and eliminating poor practice from the game.

    If we are going to make Youth Football what it should be a positive and enjoyable experience for Players, Managers and Parents.  

    We hope that parents will want to help their Manager improve the game for their team. Attending a course will give you the confidence to run the line or referee a mini-soccer game. You will also be give an Official League Badge as proof that you are your teams official representative in the relevant role you have agreed to do.

    If you are interested in assisting your Team Manager, please make them aware of this. They will then give your details to the Club Secretary, who will complete the relevant entry form on your behalf.

    We look forward to welcoming and thanking you when you attend one of our workshops.

    Kind Regards

    Sally Dolan

    League Secretary




    COURSE DATE:        Monday 20th March 2017

    TIME:                      1900-2200 hours

    VENUE:                   London Marathon Playing Fields,
    304 Shooters Hill Road, SE18 4LT



     COURSE DATE:        Wednesday 29th March 2017

    TIME:                      1900-2200 hours

     VENUE:                   London Marathon Playing Fields, 

    304 Shooters Hill Road, SE18 4LT

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