• Returning Shields and Cups (Season 2017-2018)

    Please be reminded that season 17-18 League Cups and Shields must be brought to the February 2019, League meeting.
    Clubs failing to return last season Cups & Shields at the February 2019 league meeting being held on Wednesday 06th February will be fined under Rule 13A (i)
    We are happy for you to return your Cups and shields early by bringing them to the January 2019 league meeting.

    Our League Cups require specialised engraving which can be difficult to find, and so we are happy to accept cups without engraving and will arrange for Cups to be engraved at cost price. The league, will issue a receipt for the returned Cups and shields, this will avoid any confusion and will give you proof of return.
    Please note you can only return your Cup or shield at a league meeting as a receipt must be issued and receipts will only be available at a league meeting.


    Subject to any limits/provisions laid down by the sanctioning Association, Match Officials appointed by the League Referee Secretary under this Rule shall be paid a match fee as follows: -

    • Mini-Soccer Referee (20/30 minutes’ duration) - £10.00 per match. (50 minutes’ duration) - £20.00 per match
    • Transitional Football (9v9) Referee - £25.00 per match. Transitional Football (9v9) Assistant Referee - £23.00 per match.
    • Youth Football Referee (under 13 to 14) - £30.00 per match. Youth Football Assistant Referee (under 13 to 14) - £25.00 per match.
    • Youth Football Referee (under 15 to 17) - £35.00 per match. Youth Football Assistant Referee (under 15 to 17) - £28.00 per match.
    • Youth Football (U18 & Transitional U21’s) Referee - £40.00 per match Assistant Referee (U18 & Transitional U21’s Assistant Referee - £30.00 per match