Parents and Managers wishing to communicate with the League Secretary should do so via their Club Secretary unless it is an emergency or inappropriate to do so.
  • SEASON 2021-2022
    Commences on Sunday 19th September 2021

  • League Appointed Referee Fees

    (Mini-Soccer Referee) Under 7 & Under 8 - £10.00 per match.
    (Mini-Soccer Referee) – Under 9 & Under 10 £20.00 per match

    Transitional Football (9v9) Referee - £30.00 per match.
    Transitional Football (9v9) Assistant Referee - £28.00 per match.

    Youth Football Referee (under 13 to 14) - £35.00 per match.
    Youth Football Assistant Referee (under 13 to 14) - £30.00 per match.

    Youth Football Referee (under 15 to 16) - £40.00 per match.
    Youth Football Assistant Referee (under 15 to 16) - £33.00 per match.

    Youth Football (U17 U18 & Transitional U21’s Referee - £45.00 per match
    Youth Football Assistant Referee (U17 U18 & Transitional U21’s Assistant Referee - £35.00 per match

  • URGENT INFORMATION To all League Members & Parents,

    The League has been made aware that the FA has been emailing managers and parents directly regarding the FA “Matchday” app.

    You should note that the Selkent League will not be using this app for any League-related activity. 

    The Matchday app does not integrate with our systems and so it will not receive any details of our fixtures or our match day results. 

    The Selkent League has no intention of using the FA “Matchday” app or any part of the Whole Game fixture/results service. These systems do not provide this League with what it needs to operate.

    Please be informed, this app should not be used for any purpose relating to the Selkent League. 

    We are concerned that managers may try to use it to submit match information, check on player eligibility and so on and this will cause considerable confusion. 

    This League was not aware that the FA would be contacting managers and parents in this way. The emails we have seen are very misleading and inaccurate and we will making our views known to the relevant authorities

    Any information that the app may show regarding Teams information is not approved, confirmed or sanctioned by this League and can not be considered correct.

    Kind Regards

    Sally Dolan

    League Secretary