Selkent App - General Usage


The App will show your fixtures on the day before the game. Once the App shows your fixture for the next day you are good to go. The details needed to complete the matchcard have been downloaded to your phone and you do not need to be online at the match itself.

The initial part of the matchcard procedure – checking the opposition players registration cards – must be carried out as per rule before the kick-off by running the App and entering the registration numbers and shirt numbers of the opposition. After the match, you then complete the matchcard on the App by entering the score and a few other pieces of information. The matchcard must then be sent in to the League by 6pm on the day of the match. If you have a data signal at the match, you can send it in straight-away. If it fails to be sent – if you have no signal – you can return to the App once you get home and it will send the matchcard in. Make sure it has been sent by 6pm!

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