Procedure for Transfer of Players

The following notes are intended to assist Club Secretaries and Team Managers, when making an application for transfer of players. The transfer procedure is simple if the following steps are carried out.


  1. Familiarise yourselves with Rules 18H (i) to (xi)
  2. Explain the Transfer procedure to the player and parent/guardian.
  3. Obtain the consent of the player’s current Team Manager
  4. The Club the player wishes to transfer to must first ascertain that all kit and equipment has been returned to the club the player is currently signed to.
  5. Once confirmed the club can then make application to the League Transfer Admin Officer for a League Transfer Form.


  1. The League Transfer Admin Officer will already have completed part of the form. These details must not be altered. If there are any queries, please refer back to the League Transfer Admin Officer immediately.
  1. Fill in details of Part 1.
  1. Player and Parent/Guardian must agree to the transfer request and sign the declaration.
  1. The Receiving Club Secretary must sign the transfer form.
  1. The releasing Club Secretary confirms their agreement by signing the transfer form and releasing the said player’s registration card.

    Note: - Should the player’s existing Club object to the transfer, the reasons for such objection must be provided in writing to the League Transfer Admin Officer within 3 days of receipt of the Transfer request. The Registration Card of the player must be surrendered to the League Transfer Admin Officer at the same time. The League Transfer Admin Officer shall then refer the matter to Management Committee for a decision see Rule 18H & 18H (v)

  1. Send the completed transfer form, registration card and a stamped addressed envelope to the League Transfer Administration Officer (detailed below)
  1. On return of the registration card the player will be eligible to play
  1. A fee in line with the F.A. fees tariff will be debited to the requesting clubs league account.

Please Note: -

The requesting club has a maximum of 7 days from the form being issued to being submitted. Failure to submit a Transfer form in this time may see the requested form cancelled.

Transfer Administration Officer :

Carole Crowhurst, 62 Goddard Road, Beckenham, BR3 4BG

Mobile: 07955 603 039