Referee Appointments - Club Procedures

League Competitions : -

The Club Fixture Secretary must ensure they enter their 9 & 11 A Side HOME match details onto the web site no later than the Tuesday prior to match they also confirm their AWAY games via the web site no later than the Tuesday prior to match 

  • Changing details of cast fixtures after the Tuesday prior to the game is prohibited without the permission of the League Fixture Secretary. See Rule 20C (iii)

COUNTY CUP COMPETITION : - U12 to U21 referees are supplied by the appropriate County.


  1. The Appointment of a League Referee by the League Referee Secretary will be sent by e-mail to the HOME & AWAY Club Fixture Secretary and the League Appointed Referee.
  2. This official e-mail is confirmation of match details to all three parties and as such no other confirmation is required unless details change.
  3. The appointment by the League Referee Secretary will give full details of the fixture(s) including date, time, venue and whether match is a League or Cup fixture.
  4. A League appointed referee takes precedence over any other referee .
  5. County and League Cup games will take priority over League fixtures. In the event of a cup match having to be re-cast, please notify the League Referee Secretary as early as possible giving full details of venue and kick off time.

  • It is the responsibility of the Club Fixture secretary to ensure that their team mangers are given a copy of their league appointed referee details.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the team manager to take the referee details to the match.


In cases where the League is unable to provide an appointed referee, or the appointed referee fails to attend, the teams concerned must agree upon a substitute referee under all circumstances . Once the match official has been agreed he/she cannot be changed unless they become injured or have a personal emergency. Failure to abide by Rule 23B may see the game void. It is a serious breach of rule for team managers not to agree on a referee for the said league cast fixture and they may see the game void (see Rule 23B). If a County Registered (2020-2021) referee is available at the match, he/she shall take priority over any other candidate, a referee thus agreed upon shall, for that game, have the full powers, status and authority of a registered referee and must report, Cautions, Sending-Offs and other Misconduct in the normal way to the appropriate County and League Secretary.

The 1 -100 marking scheme will be sub-divided in to four categories as follows:

86 – 100
the referee demonstrated very accurate decision-making and controlled the game very well using management and communication skills effectively to add value to the game.
76 – 85
the referee demonstrated accurate decision-making and controlled the game well using management and communication skills to contribute positively to the game.
61 – 75
 the referee demonstrated reasonably accurate decision-making and despite some short comings generally controlled the game well.
0 – 60
the referee demonstrated shortcomings in the accuracy of decision­ making and control which affected the game. A report must be sent to the League Secretary (see Rule 23H(i))

Whilst some referees may have poor matches there will usually have been some positive aspects of their performance so extremely low marks should be rare. When Managers are marking a referee, they should always look at the game as a whole and not an isolated decision. The result of the match should not influence the mark and disciplinary action should be judged objectively.

When a mark of 60 or lower is awarded a letter of explanation must be sent within 7 days of the match to the League Secretary: - Sally Dolan e-mail: (failure to do this will see your club fined £30.00 see Rule 23H (i))