Player Registration Cards

  1. Please ensure that you are fully familiar with registration procedures as laid down in the Rulebook, including eligibility of players.
  1. Cards should be filled in with black or blue ink, preferably ballpoint pen. Correcting fluid must not be used and will invalidate the Registration Card. If the player has not been previously registered with this League, proof of date of birth ((a) valid passport, (b) birth certificate or such alternative proof of date of birth) must accompany the Registration Card in the form of a photocopy, which will be retained by the League. Original documents will not be accepted and the Registration Administrator will not proceed with the registration until a copy is provided. If the player has previously been registered, the previous season’s registration card may be submitted as proof of date of birth.
  1. Registration Documents should only be sent to the appropriate Registration Administrator who is the person responsible for your players division. Check that all sections of the Registration Card are completed correctly and that all signatures are present.
  1. A youth seeking registration with this League must be a bona-fide playing member of a Club and who, being in all other respects eligible, has provided the League with: -

a. Two identical passport sized photographs, printed on photographic paper, correctly affixed to the registration card showing head and shoulders which is a true current likeness of the player.

b. The likeness must not be obscured by the wearing of any sunglasses, scarves, hats or other.

c. A fully and correctly completed League Registration Card signed by the player and witnessed by a parent or guardian (not required for players 18 and above) and countersigned by the Club Secretary/Club Registration Officer and Team Manager.

d. Players must replicate this signature on all Selkent Competition match cards.

e. Players in the age groups U8’s and U7’s are permitted first names only.

  1. You are required to ensure that you have the Registration Card authorised by the League Registration Administrator and returned to you before theplayer is eligible to play. Responsibility for the authenticity of all documents used to establish a player’s registration remains with each Club.
  1. Capital letters or printed signatures will NOT be accepted. Registration Administrators will exercise discretion with Under10’s and Under 9’s.
  1. It is a League requirement that the Club Secretary/Club Registration Officer, must check the player’s original birth certificate or other documents proving date of birth and also ensure themselves that the player is not currently registered with any other Club in league membership, before adding their signature authorising the players registration card
  1. When sending completed registration cards to the Registration Administrator or wishing to obtain blank registration cards, you MUST enclose a stamped addressed envelope (correct postal cost). If a Club Member needs to visit a Registration Administrator, you must make an appointment before calling.