Match Card Procedure

All Managers to ensure they are fully conversant with Rules 10I, 11A and 13H.

Match Card procedures has been listed from start to finish. Follow these guidelines and you will not incur needless fines. Match card procedure will safe guard your players against abuse of League Rules.

Step One
  1. Team Manager completes the front of his/her Match Card.
  2. Team Manager completes the following on the back of their Match Card.

    • Name of the Home and Away Team
    • Name of the match Referee (printed clearly)
    • Players name (printed)
    • Players Registration number (in numerical order)
    • Players Date of Birth
    Step Two
    1. Before the START of the game, each manager must exchange match cards and players’ registration cards.
    2. Managers will then supervise the opposition player signing against the correct printed name and registration number. The player’s signature must match the signature on his/her League Registration Card.
      • This must be done in conjunction with checking the registration card against the player to ensure players are properly identified.
      • A player whose registration card is not available shall not be permitted to take part in the match.
      • Once the above has been completed each manager adds their name in print and signs and retains the opposition’s match card. (This signature is a Manager's endorsement that match card procedure has been carried out according to league rules)
      • Mangers retain the opposition match card but return the Players' Registration cards.
      • A player who arrives after the commencement of the match shall be eligible to play, after match card procedure has been carried out.
    Step Three
    1. At the end of the game each Manager must complete the following on the opposition’s match card that they are holding:-
      • The match result
      • A Referee performance mark
      • Each Manager is responsible for posting the opposition’s match card to the relevant Registration Administrator.



    • Match cards must be received within 3 days of the fixture.
    • Match Cards NOT received will result in a £10 fine.
    • Teams found not to have carried out match card procedure shall be liable to a fine of up to £50.00.
    • Any Team Manager who refuses to carry out match card procedure in accordance with league rules shall be deemed guilty of gross misconduct and, if proven, shall be liable for suspension from his/her duties.


    Player’s Signature

    • Satisfy yourself that the signature is the same as the registration card.
    • If there is a discrepancy you must report this in writing to the relevant Registration Secretary, but you cannot stop the player from taking the field of play


    If it is proven both teams breached League Rule 10I in failing to complete Match Card procedure thus enabling an ineligible player to take part in an official league cast competitive fixture, may see the game void.

    Completed Match Card