Courses and Workshops

Below is a breakdown of the courses and workshops offered by the Selkent League. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to apply. It is important that grass roots football continues to develop and improve. With your support, more children will benefit by playing football in a safe fun environment. If you require further information, please contact the League’s Course Co-ordinator, Sally Dolan, via e-mail




Level 1:

  • An introduction into coaching
  • To develop an understanding of Youth Football
  • To organise and supervise football game activities
  • To display competence in Emergency Aid
  • To cover aspects on growth and development of football, fitness and most important the overuse of injuries
  • To be guided on Safe Guarding Children Skills.

Safeguarding  Children:

(Stand Alone)

  • Identifying the key elements of good practice
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Identifying how to respond to disclosures
  • Taking appropriate action if abuse is suspected
  • Recognising best practice in protecting children from abuse

Club Welfare Officer:

Taking the lead in being informed and aware of the club’s Responsibilities when running football activities for children & young people. This involves:

  • Ensuring these responsibilities are understood by others
  • Developing best-practice processes.
  • Helping club personnel understand what their "duty of care" towards children and young people actually means.
  • Ensuring all relevant people complete The FA’s "Safeguarding Children" training programme
  • Helping to make sure trips away are organised properly
  • Assisting those with regular contact with children and young people to complete the FA CRB paperwork

F.A. Emergency Aid:

(Stand Alone)

This is a 3 hour course to train a club representative in resuscitation and life saving skills. This qualification has to be renewed every 3 years.




Mini-Soccer Referee Workshop

The Aim:

Seeking consistency in application of the laws of the game. This course qualifies as an "in service" training course as part of the Charter Standard. We believe  this course is a must for all mini-soccer managers & parents that referee mini-soccer on a regular basis.

Linesperson Workshop:

11 & 9-A-Side

The Aim:

This workshop has been designed to assist team managers and parents with an understanding of the Laws of the game and to feel confident when taking on the role as lineperson. It is a six hour course held over two evenings 3 hours per evening. It includes an understanding of the Laws of the game.

Team Managers In-Service Training:


To improve the effectiveness of team managers so that their players enjoy a fulfilling experience and are given the best opportunity to realise their potential both as footballers and young people.



  1. To clarify the roles and responsibilities of a team manager
  2. To increase the technical knowledge and understanding of team managers
  3. To help team managers to be more proficient in game management including team selection, formations, half-time advice & substitutions
  4. To help team managers to develop a playing philosophy that puts the development of individual players first
  5. To increase team managers’ understanding of long term player development.
  6. To increase team managers’ awareness of personal development opportunities such as FA courses and workshops.



To provide a modular programme of in-service training that seeks to meet the needs of team managers within the Selkent League. The content of the programme will reflect the results of a needs analysis/survey conducted by the league. The programme will comprise 2 x 2 hour interactive indoor sessions and 6 hours of practical demonstrations based at London Marathon Playing Field, Greenwich.

Confirmation of Attendance 

Team Managers will receive a name badge after they have completed the course. 

It is mandatary for Team Managers to wear this badge at all Selkent League competition games.

Cost of Courses

All Selkent courses are free unless the candidate fails to attend!